No. Sorry, but we won’t use American Home Shield or any other warranty company to make repairs at your home. The logistics and communication problems we have encountered with past attempts to use the warranty companies are not acceptable for the level of property management service we strive to achieve. American Home Shield once left our tenant without air-conditioning for 9 days in August (100+ degrees) while they went through their ridiculous “second opinion” process. We finally had to call out our regular people who had the problem fixed in two hours. We vowed never again to be hamstrung by that sort of bureaucracy and lunacy. We hold all of the home warranty companies in extremely low regard and believe, overall, that their plans are a rip-off (read the fine print in your service contract) and border on fraud. If you want your home warranty company to be used for the repairs and maintenance of your rental property, we are unfortunately not the property management company you should hire.