No. Our vendors are middle of the road in price and are competent and reliable. We also have a few dedicated all-around maintenance sub-contractors who are capable in a wide range of home repairs. Our main “go to” handyman vendors charge $30 to $45 per hour in general. Our other specialized vendors range in price from $50 per hour to $95, and sometimes more for conditions such as an after-hours emergency sewer backup. We try to have our main contacts handle most of the multi-trade and make-ready tasks and use other vendors when we are backed up. This saves our owners a lot of money on multi-trade repairs by cutting down on the number of service calls to the property by different vendors. It also means that if we are called out on a dishwasher repair, we are going to be checking the a/c filter, sink drains, smoke alarms and general condition of the property – something that a single trade vendor will not do for you. We think we have developed a very sensible approach to handling maintenance and repairs and that you will realize cost savings that other property managers simply can’t deliver.