At Mill City Property Management our commitment to excellence ensures that our property owners enjoy peace of mind knowing their properties are well taken care of and that our tenants remain loyal renters of Mill City properties.

Managing multi-family properties, condominium units, single-family homes, and vacant homes in Southern New Hampshire since 2005, we have amassed tremendous knowledge and experience that allows us to provide first-rate service to all our customers.

  • Locally Invested – A sense of community makes the difference

  • Strong Relationships – Built on trust & dependability

  • Your Fiduciary – Our interests are in what’s best for your investment


It is our mission to provide the highest level property management services to our clients as possible.  We treat each property as if it were our own and pride ourselves on maintaining the best relationships with our owners & tenants alike.

At the core of our efforts is the belief that we are stewards of our community and it is our goal to serve the people’s best interests.  This includes our clients, tenants, vendors, & neighbors. When serving others this way, our interests are taken care of.

We are committed to not only maintaining the highest standards of service but to continually improve upon our process.  This commitment is what drives us to be the best at what we do.

It is our promise to always do the right thing.  It sounds simple of course, however, life rarely misses an opportunity to complicate matters.  When presented with a challenge, we find it helpful to step back and ask ourselves that simple question. “What’s the right thing to do”.  As representatives of your property and the community, we make that promise to you.


The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.

Effective Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. This is true for management – client relations as well as management – tenant relations.  We excel at both.


As a fiduciary for our clients, we implement a strict, systematic process following a proven path to success; and caring for your property like it was our own.


We get it.  At the end of the day, people want and need results. We deliver time after time, so you can reap the benefit of your real estate investment.

Resources To Help Your Business Excel

Investment consulting

Investment Consultation

With our breadth of multi-family investment knowledge & experience, we can be an insightful resource for helping you determine the profitability of an investment your are considering.

Property Improvement

Property Improvement Plan

In order to maximize your returns and protect your asset, a property improvement plan must be a part of your investment strategy.  We can help you plan, budget & execute so your investment meets your goals.

investment scaling

Portfolio Scaling

Our investors look to us for assistance scaling their portfolios.  Whether you have agency representation already or not, adding us to your team of service professionls will help your real estate investing business blossom.

Exit strategy

Exit Strategy

Investors who begin with the end in mind will often reap total returns that outperform those of their counterparts who don’t. We work with our investors to carefully plan and execute their exit strategy from the market.



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